Easter Eggs Sale

Help fund project Start to hockey

Sharks Academy is selling Sharkilicious Easter Eggs. Profit will be used to fund project Start To Hockey. Let's grow the game, together.


150g = 5 Eur
250g = 8 Eur
500g = 15 Eur

* Mixed chocolate eggs


Our goal is to sell a minimum 2000 Eur of Easters Eggs, that's about 50 Eur per U08/U10 team member. Let's do this!

ORDER Details

Order: Place online or manual form before April 07
Delivery: From April 17 during U08/U10 practice on Tue/Thu
Payment: Cash payment before April 07 to TM Maarten Volders

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What is Start To Hockey?

Project Start To Hockey helps young skaters become more confident on their skates but also teaches them the basic skills of stickhandling, shooting and passing. A great start to a lifetime of skating.

Easter Eggs sales profit will be used to promote Start To Hockey and buy hockey practice equipment among other things.