When can I play my first game?

Playing your first game is the most exciting feeling out there. Our coaches will evaluate your first weeks on the ice. Once you become more confident on your skates and learned basic stickhandling you are ready to go. Most important to remember, games are all about having Sharkilicious Fun with friends on the ice.

What do I need to bring?

You have to bring your hockey gear and game jersey. A water bottle, and some small snacks to eat in between are advised.

What time do I arrive?

You are required to arrive one hour before the hockey game starts. That gives us plenty of time to warm-up, put on our hockey gear, and get some pre-game strategy advice.

Do I need to attend the warm-up?

Yes - our team warm-up is required for every player. Ice hockey is both a physical and mental game, a good preparation makes all the difference.

How does game play work?

A few days before the game, the schedule and exact format is announced. Here's what to expect:

  • U08 plays cross-ice 1/3 (4 vs 4)
  • U10 plays on either 1/3 (4 vs 4) or 2/3 (5 vs 5)
  • Games can be either 12, 15, or 18min in length
  • Every 90 sec players change places
  • A mini tournament takes about 2 hours
  • We usually play against 3 to 4 teams
  • Score is not kept
  • It's all about having fun. 

If this is your first game our coaches will help you prepare the week before the game so you know exactly how it works.

Can my parents help me get ready?

Sure - Your parents can help you get dressed. But it is not necessary, we can help you put on your gear and help you tie your ice hockey laces. We do like to ask that once the game starts parents stay on the stance. Our coaches will help the kids get up and down the ice and debrief them after every game.

Any advice for my parents?

Good that you asked. Parents play a big role in making your first game a fun experience. So we designed a little poster to help them remind it's about fun and not competition. View poster