Goalie skills

The backbone of a hockey team

Fundamental skills like basic stance, skating, movement, stick/puck handling, save selection techniques and positioning. Combined with tactical skills, decisions and actions to gain an advantage over the opposing team.

Goalies are great skaters. T-Push to cover a large amount of distance in a little time. The Shuffle for tight situations with minimal changes. C-Cut allows the goalie to maintain his stance while moving forward and backwards. Butterfly slide allows for puck coverage and quick lateral movement.
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Stick Saves
The stick is an important piece of equipment for the goalkeeper. The stick is normally used to cover the five hole and to stop low shots. The Paddle Down is used in situation where the puck is in a tight space in front of the goalie. Poke Checks knock the puck off the puck carrier’s stick. Sweep Checks, extending and dwinging the puck at the puck or blade of the puck carrier.
The puck stops here.
The Goalie’s positioning can reduce a lot of needlessly wasted energy throughout a game. Where the goalie positions himself can also dictate certain situations in a game. Whether a player shoots, elects to pass or just hold onto the puck. It may take away time and space, and options for the puck carrier or even cause a change or possession.
Saving a goal everyone thought would go in.
The Basic Stance
A ready position that a goalie adopts in anticipation of facing a shot from an opposing player. There are five areas that the goalies need to focus on in their stance: Leg Pads and Skates, Blocker, Trapper, Torso and shoulders, Stick.
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Trapper and Blocker
The Trapper is the most versatile equipment that the goalie posesses. Use the trapper to catch/trap and block shots or cover loose pucks to freeze the play. The blocker is used to block and deflect shots. The most common way of using the blocker is deflecting the puck into a safe area.
Puck Control
A goalie who is a good puck handling is often described as a “3rd defensemen”. The goalie who is able to move the puck effectively can nullify offensive pressure by getting the puck away from attacking players. He can also start a breakout or an offensive play from within his own zone.
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Pad saves
Save techniques in a goalie's arsenal include the Butterfly for low shots and net cover while allowing to recover quickly for a rebound. Two Pad Stack to cover a lot of the net quickly. One Leg Up to cover the low corner of the goal against wraparounds and bad angle shots.
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