Player Skills

Develop Core Hockey Skills

The game of ice hockey is a fast-paced, complex, team sport, which demands quick thinking, fast reactions and special athletic skills.

Puck control and protection
Puck handling is a very important part of the game of hockey and it is one of the more difficult skill areas to learn. However, it is the skill area that players enjoy practising the most. Elements of puck handling include: Stick Handling, Puck Protection, Fakes, Deking, and Face-offs.
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Skating is the most important skill to be learnt by any player. Skating is to hockey what running is to soccer. Skating is the foundation upon which all other skills are built. The level of performance attained by a player in passing, shooting, checking and stick handling are directly related to one’s skating ability.
Shooting and scoring
The ability to shoot the puck in the various situations that happen during a game. Players should learn to use all of the shots available so they can choose the proper. Shots include: Wrist Shot, Snap Shot, Slap Shot, Flip Shot, and Backhand Shot
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Checking is carried out to gain possession of the puck. Elements of skating speed, agility, balance and strength are key skills required in the skill of checking. Checking skills inclucde: Positioning and Angling, Stick Checks, Body Contact, and Body Checking.
Hearing the puck hit the backboard.
Creative offence
To advance the puck into the offensive zone and to create good scoring opportunities is accomplished by using tactics to create time and space. Individual offensive tactics can create a scoring chance for the individual or a teammate, or to advance the puck to a better offensive position.
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Passing and receiving
Being able to pass and receive the puck successfully enables a team to keep control of the puck and thus the game. The skills of passing and receiving develop puck control from an individual skill into a team tactic. These two skills are necessary for the delivery and reception of the puck. Both are equally important.
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