Start to Hockey

Beginner | Tuesday + Thursday | 17h15 - 18h15
Our Start To Hockey program helps young skaters become more confident on their skates. Learn the basic skills of stickhandling, shooting and passing. A great start to a lifetime of skating.

Hockey Camps

Skills | Fun | Community
Whether you are trying hockey for the first time or looking to improve your hockey skills - our hockey camps are organised throughout the year and have something to offer for anyone who loves hockey.

Team Tryout

Intermediate | Tuesday + Thursday | 17h15 - 18h15
Our Team Tryout program allows you to try hockey as a team sport and gives you a chance to fall in love with the game. You will get to wear a hockey outfit, practice with our team, and meet the coaches.


Community | Challenges | Off-ice | Games
Our youth hockey program is designed to ensure a positive experience for hockey families. We want families to experience the game at its best offering a program that is accessible, affordable, safe, and most importantly, fun! We cannot wait to help your kids fall in love with us.